Basic Finite Automaton

Last update on Dec. 30, 2013.


The hardest part of this course, for me at least, was figuring out what the variety of Greek characters the teacher was drawing on the board meant. Come back to reference this bit as go through the rest of the article, as some of these won’t make sense yet.

Generic Set Stuff

Not specific to this article, but useful anyway.

x ∈ A: epsilon, which indicates that x belongs to A.
A ∪ B: ”cup”, this results in the union of A and B.
A ∩ B: ”cap”, this results in the intersection of A and B.
~A: ”compliment”, everything that ...

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Day of 2013-10-02

Last update on Oct. 2, 2013.

This is just a general post of things that went on, to summarize some of what happened (not that anything amazing happened, but my days are full of adventure that needs documentation).

CSDT Developer's Meeting

This is the weekly meeting that I attend with Dr. Eglash and the other developers on the CSDT team. Today, we covered changes that had been made to the pCSDT's, went over how they would interact with the community site, then did a summerization of what Kathryn and I had done with Dart. 

After doing the weekly reporting, we digressed into discussing possible ...

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First post!

Last update on Oct. 1, 2013.

First post!

This is just a test to make sure everything is working. I lost a lot of posts when I remade the site (last time I rerolled, I never setup a database migration system), so there's not much to see.

Hopefully, in the near future, there will be something worth reading here. I plan on posting to it on a regular basis, as it is required by my advisor at RPI.

Thanks for reading!

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Grub2, fakeraid, and Arch Linux

Last update on Oct. 2, 2013.

This one took me the better part of a day. The challenge; get Grub 2 working on my desktop, which has two 1TB drives in RAID 1 via fakeraid (and the Windows virus!).

It's really not as hard as it sounds, if you know all of the steps.

Step 1: Install Grub2

Simply run...

sudo pacman -S grub-bios

If you have grub-common (the legacy one), you will need to replace it.

Step 2: Install Grub to the drive

This one is also not that hard, after you know what to do. Run:

grub-install --target=i386-pc --recheck --debug $DRIVE

where ...

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Accessing a SQL Server (MSSQL) database from Django

Last update on Oct. 6, 2013.

MS SQL does not play well with others, and getting to work well with Django is difficult. This article will document the steps needed to setup FreeTDS and ODBC, and then get Django (version 1.4!) to play well with these programs. Everything will be done a fresh install (LiveCD actually) of Ubuntu 12.04. It shouldn't be too much trouble to replicate these steps on others operating systems

Installing FreeTDS and ODBC

We will need FreeTDS, ODBC,  and some basic development tools (yea, we're going to have to compile something). After enabling all the Ubuntu repositories in ...

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