This site exists purely for an occasional blog post related to whatever projects I'm working on. There may not always by a rhyme or reason to the time, place, or subject of my posting, but there will be updates!

Weekly status 2014-07-16

Last update on July 23, 2014.

<h2>Thing I did</h2><ul><li>Started working on front-end stuff for django_teams/classroom feature</li><li>Assisted Kathleen and Gouravjeet</li><li>Read papers related to MOSS</li><li>Spent time looking for the missing key for</li></ul><h2>Problems</h2><ul><li>The server key was overwritten, not sure by whom... So I have to request a new one</li><li>We still have 2 ...</li></ul>

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Fixtures in Play 2.2.x

Last update on July 23, 2014.

<p>I decided to use the Play Framework (version 2.2.x) for a school project, just to see how well it worked. I ran into an issue not long after starting; I wanted to test some of my models, and needed to have data in the database for this purpose.&#160;</p><p>The solution to this problem ...</p>

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Basic Finite Automaton

Last update on July 23, 2014.

<p>Definitions</p><p>The hardest part of this course, for me at least, was figuring out what the variety of Greek characters the teacher was drawing on the board meant. Come back to reference this bit as go through the rest of the article, as some of these won’t make sense yet.</p><p>Generic Set Stuff</p><p>Not ...</p>

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Day of 2013-10-02

Last update on Oct. 2, 2013.

<p>This is just a general post of things that went on, to summarize some of what happened (not that anything amazing happened, but my days are full of adventure that needs documentation).</p><h2>CSDT Developer's Meeting</h2><p>This is the weekly meeting that I attend with Dr. Eglash and the other developers on the CSDT team ...</p>

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First post!

Last update on Oct. 1, 2013.

<h2>First post!</h2><p>This is just a test to make sure everything is working. I lost a lot of posts when I remade the site (last time I rerolled, I never setup a database migration system), so there's not much to see.</p><p>Hopefully, in the near future, there will be something worth reading here. I ...</p>

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